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About us

BYMOLY is...

Particular about the quality of
all the goods we sell.
That means we do really pick, experience
and introduce to you.
We truly believe that
Happy Childhood for our children 
can be made ONLY 
when Parents are happy first.
We started BYMOLY from the thought that
Our Parenting Life should be 
Easy, Healthy and Happy.
Each product is hand-picked
with careful concerns 
for both moms and kids.
Hope every parents enjoy our products and
have a quality parenting life!
Best Regards,
May Park ​ ​
Our Story 
What comes up in your mind
when you think of your mom?
Love, Dedication...
These words always come up in my mind
when I think of my mom.
And now as I am a mother of two kids, 
like my mom has been to me, 
I would like to start my journey with BYMOLY, 
with my heart being full of unstinting love
to our children.
BYMOLY stands for, 
"Becos Your MOm Loves You".
We will always do our best to be there 
whenever you want to give love to your loved ones.

당신의 엄마를 생각하면 무엇이 떠오르나요?
사랑, 헌신..
이것은 내가 나의 엄마를 생각할 때 떠오르는 단어들입니다.
두 아이의 엄마가 된 지금,
나의 엄마가 그랬듯,
내 아이들에게 아낌없는
사랑을 주고 싶은, 그 마음으로
바이몰리를 시작합니다.

좀 더 좋은 것, 좀 더 예쁜 것을 해주고 싶은 그 엄마의 마음을
바이몰리가 언제나 함께 할 것입니다.