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[Sold Out] HONGSAM Red Ginseng Jelly for kids

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"BHT Red Ginseng Jelly Stick is Easy, Tasty and Nutritious!

 Some Red Ginseng products for kids contains liquid fructose to cover the bitter taste of red ginseng. But in BHT Red Ginseng Jelly, Not added any artificial flavoring / coloring / liquid fructose.

Added Orange Concentrate instead so our children can enjoy Red Ginseng without the bitter taste! "

-Product Name :  BHT Red Ginseng Jelly Stick for kids

-Capacity :  15g x 30 sachets (450g)

-Features : 

1. Made with 6 years old Red Ginseng from Korea.

2. Added Orange concentrate.

3. No artificial coloring/flavoring.

4. No liquid fructose.

5. Contains Vitamin D and Zinc

6. Made in Korea

-Expiry Date : Stated on the package (YYYY/MM/DD)