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[GOODBYE SALE 50% OFF] JemJemGlove Wearable Teether

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"Your baby has got a teether toy already? But, isn't it dropped easily and you have to wash it again? :( That's what I experienced before I met Jem Jem Glove Teether!

Jem Jem Glove Teether will make you be free and your baby will love it ;)

Just let your baby wear it like wearing a watch and let them enjoy it!"


A JemJemGlove Teether Toy, A JemJem Glove Exclusive Case

-Recommended Age

2 Months - 12 Months


Adjustable Bracelet Type

100% Made in Korea(Not OEM)

BPA Free

Made with Eco-friendly Silicon(Used platinum hardener, proven to be safer for our babies)

Safety Standard Certified in Korea, Europe and US 

-Sterilisation Method

Boiling water ( 2-3 min.)

Steam (10 min.)

Microwave (1-3 min.)

Electric Steriliser (10 min.)

UV Steriliser (10 min.)

*As the case is PP material, so it's weak at high temperature. Washing it with babydish-washing liquid and dry it naturally.*