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[Ready Stock]MYHOUSE 1 Artboard Playhouse - Kitchen

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"Do you remember your childhood that you wanted to have your own little world?

'Under the table','Inside the closet',etc.

I am pretty sure there was at least one hideout only for you and your friends when you were a kid :)

Here the amazing Playhouse will be enough to fulfill our kids' curiosity and creativity!


ANBOX MYHOUSE is really something special and meaningful! We set it up for our kids and let them decorate and color it.

Let their imagination fly! It will help them grow their creativity and they put more value on it because it's their own art work! :)

Some more, it's environment-friendly as it's made of Paper.What an awesome toy it is! "



-Product Name : ANBOX MYHOUSE 1 Art Board PlayHouse (Kitchen)

-Product Size :

1000 mm x 800mm x 40 mm (Packaging)

710 mm x 710 mm x 1064 mm (After Assembly)


-Features :

1. Made of Corrugated Cardboards

2. Freely Decorate and Color the whole playhouse

3. Fold and Unfold whenever needed

4. Made in Korea


-Recommended age : 2 yrs above (Refer to the product size)