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[Ready Stock] POSONG Inner Puff for mask

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"What is the concern when you are wearing a mask?

For me, firstly I feel my skin irritated due to the rough texture of daily dental masks

and secondly whenever I put on even basic makeup, it is smudged on the mask until the mask becomes very messy as well as my face!

Can’t even imagine a full makeup on face because it will be gone after a while when you put on a mask... but, we still want makeup because we care our BEAUTY! :)

When I first tried 'Posong Inner Puff', I liked the soft feeling on my skin! As my skin is quite sensitive, sometimes I got red rashes after wearing a mask due to it's rough texture. But since I started wearing Posong Inner Puff with a mask, there's no irritation on my skin!

For those who has skin troubles when wearing a mask, For those who still needs to put on makeup with wearing a mask, No more worries! "

By May Park

-Product Name : Friendshill Posong Inner Puff

-Material : Anti-bacterial Rubycell

-Capacity :

3ea per set (104X160X1.8mm) x 3 sets = 9 ea in total

3ea per set (104X160X1.8mm) x 5 sets = 15 ea in total



1) Premium Anti-bacterial Rubycell puff minimizes the makeup smudging and keeps hygienic when wearing a mask

2) Obtained 'excellent' grade for allergic test in Germany

3) Compatible to all types of mask for adults

4) Washable and Reusable

5) Made in Korea

-Instruction :

1) Put the puff on to the inner part of the mask

2) Hang the mask strings into the hook on the puff

[Caution] DO NOT PULL the puff tight to avoid SNAPPING.

3) Now wear the mask. It is compatible to all types of the masks including KF80, KF94.

4) Use wet tissue to remove minor stains Or Gently wash it with water after use.


1) The product is to be used for inner part of the mask. (DO NOT PULL the hook tight to avoid snapping)

2) Please avoid the direct contact of the sun and store it in cool and dry place

3) It is reusable after the gentle wash and dry.

4) Avoid using the product on the wounded or skin irritaion area.

5) In case of bruise or skin irritation, stop using it immediately and consult to the doctor.

6) Keep the product out of reach from the children.

7) When verified for the defect, the product exchange will take place to comply with Fair Trade Act and Consumer Dispute Resolution Standards.